Literacy Skills Overview for Middle School Grades 6 - 8

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In the spring of the 2011 school year, the technology committee of DeWitt Middle School began investigating ways to fill the need for a common curriculum for instruction of digital literacy. Members of the committee come together during the summer to use the International Society for Technology and Education (ISTE) standards to develop a digital literacy continuum for grades 6-8. This work is intended to serve as a guide for middle school teachers of all content areas to incorporate sound digital literacy practices into their current content area curriculum.

The work that the committee did was based on the following core beliefs:
  • Digital literacy and technology integration is least effective as a stand alone course in computers or technology. Instead, students must use digital literacy skills across the curriculum.
  • Integration of digital literacy across the curriculum aligns well with the incorporation of the NYS Common Core Standards.
  • Technology integration is not about learning a certain tool or program. It is important for students to learn to solve problems by navigating a variety of ever-changing digital tools safely and with confidence.
  • Proficient use of digital media is not only an essential skill for students, but it can also increase productivity and efficiency for teachers.


The result of our work is a document that presents the ISTE standards aligned with examples of classroom ready integrations and suggestions for possible applications. This list is intended to be an expandable document that will be revised as appropriate technologies emerge.

ISTE Standards Compared to Common Core Standards

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Grade 6 - 8 Digital Literacies Continuum