ICSD Digital Literacy Skills Continuum

Digital Literacy is a fast moving target. It is difficult, almost impossible, to define a set of digital literacy skills which provide a snapshot of a digitally literate student. In fact, many would argue that at the very heart of the matter, digital literacy is really just a part of a broader answer to the overarching question of "What does it mean to be literate in today's world?" A question that has, and will continue, been asked throughout the years.

We will use this collaborative space to identify a spiraling grade level benchmark continuum for our students.

From Kelly:
Scroll to the bottom (blue "page links") of this page for several links that can start us out on digital literacy:

Here is an interesting grid for K-8 Scope and Sequence of Technology Skills:

Here is another sample of a 7-8 Scope and Sequence, just to get an idea of what kind of end document we might be looking for.